Deer Club is thrilled to introduce the Remix Polo Collection, a lineup that puts a modern spin on the classic men’s polo t-shirt. These polos take the silhouette you know and love from Deer Club t-shirts and elevate it with contrasting color collars and armbands, adding a touch of personality to your everyday look.

The Remix Polo Collection is crafted from a cotton rich pique knit fabric, ensuring both comfort and style. The cotton blend offers breathability and softness, keeping you cool throughout the day. The pique knit, with its subtle texture, adds a touch of sophistication and dimension to these men’s polo t-shirts.

But the true beauty of the Remix Polo Collection lies in its versatility. These polos are designed to be your everyday go-to t-shirt. Plus, with a variety of colors and a flattering fit, there’s a Remix Polo to complement every man’s unique style.

So, ditch the ordinary and upgrade your wardrobe with the Deer Club Remix Polo Collection. It’s the perfect blend of comfort, style, and timeless design that you can wear with confidence every day.



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Polo T-shirt New Navy Remix Polo T-shirt

899.0 inc. GST

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